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Guidelines For Unlimited Usage

Unlimited Usage means that you are allowed to dial-in to your account at any time and actively use your account for as long as you want, in an attented fashion. This does not include using an automatic re-dialer to remain connected to your account, or other software to keep your connection alive while you are away from your computer. Our server is designed to detect automatic re-dialers as well as significant idle time.

When our log analysis software determines that unattended access is present, or a dedicated usage profile is seen, the account is mis-classified as a residential dialup. We will issue an updated billing at dedicated access rates, and add account limitations which continue until the customer assents to the conversion by payment. Based on our experience, few customers inadvertently trigger this option.

In summary, you are allowed to remain connected to IwayNet as long as you are using the computer and our service. If you have any questions regarding this policy, feel free to contact us by phone.

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