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IwayNet's Free Stuff

So you're asking, "What does IwayNet give out for FREE?" We've created a list of items below for you to review...

  1. 5 Day Trial
    • Give our service a try for five full days of free access. After the trial period if you would like to subscribe to our service just give us a call and we will setup your preferred billing arrangements.

  2. Internet Software
    • We have created an installation package for you to install with some of the best software available on the Internet. The package contains different freeware and shareware programs that you can find on the Internet and upgrade at your discretion.

  3. Technical Support
    • IwayNet's support technicians are dedicated to providing the best possible assistance available for our customers' Internet needs. Our technicians are available during normal business hours for phone and Email support.

  4. Subscribed Account Services
    • 2 Email Aliases with Dialup Accounts and Domain Names.
    • 10mb Disk Space for Personal Web Sites.
    • CGI-BIN access for Personal & Corporate Web Sites.
    • LISTING (at your option) on IwayNet's Personal & Corporate Web Site pages.

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